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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

10 Amazing Ways To Make Money As a Teenager 2018

10 Amazing  Ways To Make Money As a Teenager 2018 you can make money that don't necessarily have an age restriction so you don't be eighteen you know to be twenty-one in order to make money with some of these different sources

 let start with number 10

Digitizing Family photo 

 Here which is something that I don't hear too often but I think it's really easy to sell to a lot of people and that is by digitizing family photo books for other people so the reason why this is so easy to sell is because it's a very sentimental item and when I think about my family photos this is one of the things that I really care about my life so you could always make more money you can ever get those family photos back and so you know if my family's house was to ever burn down if my parents house were to ever burn down god forbid but if that ever happened the one thing that I would really care about most is all those memories the 18 years of my life that I spend in their house all those memories I don't have that we're lost all those photos that were lost so that's a really easy way to sort of pitch that product or that service to other people without obviously being sleazy about it don't be high-pressure sales with selling this service but I think a lot of people would be willing to pay for this service it's something that I personally would be willing to pay for for somebody to digitalize or digitize my family photos and you can tell the different pricing models for this you can either price it per photo per photo book maybe do it hourly however you want to set it up it's not hard to do you just get a scanner put on your computer and then upload it to the cloud maybe throw it on a USB Drive however they want it in that form so that is number 10 it's a cool option for a lot of people you don't to be any specific age in order to make money 

Number 9

window washer

is to wash windows now my brother's first real mentor was actually a window washer he owned a window washing company and and this guy started when he was in high school and by washing his family's windows and then his neighbor's windows and the neighbors of neighbors now he's making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by washing windows he washes windows at Princeton at hospitals at I've seen their living homes many universities in the local area and he's making a pretty decent amount of money from starting when he was in high school to where he is now he's in his 40s now but he's doing very well with this business so washing windows I don't want to promote any dangerous activity so be careful obviously don't be climbing up dangling from ladders 25 feet in the air be very careful with it but it's something that you can do and it's not hard to get set up with this besides buying a ladder which you don't always need you can really you know you can get a squeegee at Lowe's for $12 and then you get some buckets you get some soap you get some other towels and whatnot it's a pretty easy setup but you just got a squeegee and there's a certain form to it certain kind of art form takes maybe a couple weeks to learn at most you just practice on your own window and you can start washing windows for other people and for businesses

Number 8

Buy and Sell Phones

Buy and sell phones I see Apple Crider talking about this sometimes it's something that he used to do and you don't have to necessarily sell these online on places like eBay if you're not able to do that but you can buy them from your friends you can buy them from local sources even from Craigslist and then flip them and sell them now a way to even boost your profits even more is to repair phone screens so if you're good at repairing phone screens it probably has an act to it I've never repaired a phone screen so I can't specifically talk on that too much but I can tell you that there is money in that and you can certainly make a pretty decent amount of money by buying phones from friends from families from other people that you might see on the street you say hey I see if a broken phone then you want me to just buy it off of you and then or you can find somebody in public maybe you're an ice-cream shop and you say hey person in front of me in line I see of a broken phone screen I can fix that for you for $40 or whatever your price might be I'm not sure how much it costs to repair phones but that's something you could do as well

Number 7

 Video Editor For Youtubers

 Become a video editor for youtubers now this is not something you can learn overnight you can't just decide to be a video editor and next week you're going to be one it takes a lot of time and skills to really build this up to be good at editing videos but if you can build this scale up over time and you can get better at cameras and videography and understanding how to make films then this is something that you could do and this is really more or prevalent that we see youtubers from where there's thousands of youtubers there's hundreds of thousands of youtubers but the top ones and they never actually edit their own videos they outsource that work to somebody else and a lot of youtubers who say live in Los Angeles actually have video editors somewhere over in Europe so like the UK they have them in London in Germany sometimes who will edit the videos while the youtuber sleeps so they're always getting content out it's a really interesting concept but there's more and more room out there for video editors to edit for other creators or even for businesses you can offer video services as well you can expand that and make commercials for businesses and whatnot obviously like I said it's not this a simple thing where you just go out and you say you're gonna be a video editor and the next day you're a video editor it takes a lot of time a lot of skill to build it up so I don't want to underplay it and make it sound like it's easy to do so 

Number 6

Get Paid to Recycle

A pretty funny story but that is by scrapping metal so this is something that I did from probably you know first grade through high school I would just save aluminum cans and I probably had a few hundred dollars over that time by just having an extra bin the next to the recycling bin for aluminum cans people just throw them in they're super passive way to make money and it reminds me of this story that I heard that you could probably find online somewhere of this woman who literally funded an entire community swimming pool with aluminum cans over her lifetime she was saving aluminum cans to the point where she cashed them in and had enough money to fund a community swimming pool so if you're looking for some extra ways to make some money that's just a great passive way to make some money a few hundred dollars over a pretty long period of time but it is something you can do and you can be more active about this as well if you want to be passive if you want to make more money by scrapping metal you can look for different sources of metal so you can scrap steel you can scrap copper copper as a couple dollars a pound at least and you know various other metals as well you can look up something called I scrap I think it's called I scrap comm not sponsored I barely know that the websites called but I end up on in every couple of months looking at the scrap prices for metal we can see all the scrap prices and your local scrap yards and how much money you can get for scrapping certain metals in your area 

number 5

resell vintage clothing

is to resell vintage clothing now for some reason it seems as though when you throw the word vintage from something it somehow doubles the price of it and I don't really understand why but it does so when I was in Venice Beach last week I notice all these vintage clothing stores selling these jackets these bomber jackets and other types of flannel shirts and stuff for like 80 90 100 plus dollars for a lot of these things that I could find in my hometown for this for 50 Cent's Sunday at the local thrift shop so this obviously creates a pretty obvious business opportunity here you can buy clothes at certain places if you source them correctly and then resell them as vintage to other people who might have maybe a little bit too much money on their hands and maybe they're just really stylish and they like how it looks from you know a 1980s Chicago Bulls bomber jacket that might pay $150 for then you got for a dollar fifty at your local thrift shop or maybe from somebody that you know who just threw it on the side of the road so it's an option for a lot of people and the best way to do this is obviously sending it online selling it on Etsy selling it on eBay but you can't do that because your parents won't help you set up an eBay account or won't help you set up an Etsy account then you could still do it locally you could still sell them locally on some other apps like let go offer up Craigslist be careful with Craigslist be careful with all those if you're actually meeting up with people you know you definitely have your parents with you or somebody who can help you out if you need any help with that just a little warning there so for

Number 4

Local services

 we're gonna kind of jumble a bunch in here together and that is by doing any services in your local community so more specifically we're talking about something like yard work selling firewood doing some small skill lamps landscaping operations shoveling snow snow removal there's a lot of different possibilities painting houses painting the insides of the house doing some other odd jobs that you might find within your local community I know I worked on an alpaca farm for a little while and I'm not a big fan of alpacas I learned too much about them and they're just my favorite animals let's let's not get into that but the easiest way to do this is to just look at your local newspaper or your local ads maybe on Craigslist and find out what services people are offering and then just figure out how to do it and then offer it to other people a lot of these are pretty straightforward don't do something that you're not terribly comfortable with like don't be trying to chop down trees if you've never used a chainsaw before but if it you know raking leaves and go it's a way to make money and I think a lot of people overlook this because they don't want to work with their hands but it's a very upfront business cash in the hands and it's it's pretty straightforward so I think it's something that people should do if they're looking to make some money it's pretty straightforward pretty easy to do

Number 3

 Sell Food in School

so another way that you can make money this is uh something you could do if you're in school maybe you're in middle school junior high high school I I did this in sixth and seventh grade is selling candy selling gum selling other stuff in school pretty much supply and demand find what kids want and sell it to them obviously make sure everything's legal don't be selling anything illegal but it's it's pretty easy to do a lot of kids don't get lunch money or they'll have some you know dollar bills that you can sell them a pack of gum for three dollars that you bought for seventy-five cents that's what I did when I was in sixth grade and the main reason for this is because they ban the gum in school so what did I do I bought gum and sold it in school because everybody wanted it and that's something you can do I made probably 1015 dollars a day not much money but it was pretty easy you just throw some packs of gum in your backpack and then just sell it throughout the day

 number 2

 mobile oil changing service 

is very hands-on but it is a great way to make some cash and that is by running your own mobile oil changing service now when people hear this they first think I don't know how to change oil how do you do that trust me it's not terribly difficult to do I've been doing it my entire life it's not hard to learn it's very straightforward but it's very easy to do to change oil on a vehicle but more on top of this though what you can do is hit them with the upsells obviously be ethical about it don't be trying to upsell them on something that doesn't need to be sold but for example if you go over somebody's house and you change the oil in your vehicle which might take you thirty minutes maybe to do oh you can say hey by the way I notice your car's pretty dirty you want me to wash that for you can do an action of fifteen dollars well maybe one of the vacuum the inside the car maybe change transmission fluid maybe test the battery maybe do some other tests on the vehicle and you can upsell them on a lot of different products or services for their vehicle and that's something that I would personally do this is the kind of business model of Jiffy Lube and other oil changing services and they'll get you in there for the oil change and then they'll upsell you on a lot of different things obviously make sure that you're being honest about it and also don't be doing something that you're not comfortable doing or that you're not knowledge about knowledgeable about when you're dealing with the vehicle so don't be trying to change brake lines if you've never done it before and that's not a good idea leave that stuff up to the mechanic but I'm talking about the simple things like changing oil changing fluids in a vehicle checking different things on the vehicle something that you can upsell for it for some of those cars 

number 1


 is to start your own podcast some of the top podcasters right now are making over a million dollars per year by running ads on their podcast so the reason why this can be really interesting is because there's not that many podcasters out there but also you're really establishing this pretty deep connection with your listeners through a podcast so you might talk for an hour on your podcast and you're talking to that person you're in their ear with their headphones on talking to them for an hour and imagine how much impact that could have if you have millions of listeners millions of downloads every month it can really add up and you can not only gain some influence and help some people but you can also make some money by running ads because those people will trust you when you're running those ads that's why you get really high ad rates with podcasts because the people trust the person who's talking in the podcast so that's something you could do at any age as well so that's this.

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