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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Amazon affiliate Marketing for beginners 2018

Amazon affiliate Marketing for beginners 2018

In this Article  I'm going to show you step-by-step how to make money as an Amazon affiliate on i've been making money as an amazon affiliate for a few months now and i just want to share
with you today the leaving why you really need to start making money with the Amazon affiliate program and
why it's one of the best entry methods to the field of affiliate marketing and we're going to do all of that right
now so if you don't know what affiliate marketing is you're essentially just promoting someone else's product
and in return you're you are receiving a percentage of their revenue so that's the bare-bones basics of affiliate marketing the number one reason

 why you need to start using the affiliate marketing program though is because you need almost no sales skills
to be an affiliate marketer for to really pull it off guide there's a lot of affiliate marketing sites out
there like quick bank or commission junction but if you're not using the Amazon affiliate program you're
probably going to struggle a bit generating cold leads and turning those into sales it's going to be tough but
with the Amazon affiliate program you really don't have to worry nearly as much about converting clicks to
sales because Amazon links convert like crazy and there's a few reasons for that first of all when people click on your individual Amazon affiliate link it takes them to and suddenly oh you know I have to do some Christmas shopping I have to buy a little Johnny a gift for something or you know I probably like some toilet paper or something and then I'm buying buying so much more stuff on the site because it's pretty much like the Walmart of online and so they're buying so much more stuff so you're getting more more

commissions and let me just clear up real quick that once someone clicks on your Amazon affiliate link you receive commission on anything and everything they buy on the site for the next 24 hours for example last month someone bought a dehumidifier through my link and and I made something like eighteen dollars off of that sale but I wasn't even promoting the dehumidifier I think I was promoting a book or something and and ended up buying this 200 dollar product so it's pretty crazy how you can make money you just have to get them to click on your link to go to and once they're on the site it's not your problem anymore whatever they buy you get commission on and it's usually between about one and nine 10% for affiliate Commission so it's not great but you're getting really high conversions for the site so how you actually get started with this well you're going to need some type of website or to promote your Amazon products and I

 found that the best way to do this is actually through YouTube and there's a reason for this because video reviews of products convert a lot more clicks through your link because naturally people like to see a video of the product before they buy it and you're much more likely to swing them over and get them to buy the product if they see an actual video of this and so you could certainly get a lot more clicks if you're writing a blog post for the product but like they say guys a picture is worth a thousand words I don't know how many words of videos worth but either way guys just a video is a way to go and I sort of mentioned this but the best way to make money with Amazon Associates is to review a product and then place your link at the end of the product review now with that being said I don't want you to go down the road that some really just low people take which is giving everything positive reviews regardless of whether the product is actually good good or not they just give everything apart like a positive review and they say buy this product I love it when really it might just be complete crap but they want to get affiliate Commission's so just make sure that you're actually honest about the product don't knowing like don't knowingly recommend crap that's just immoral don't do that so if you want start making money with the Amazon Associates program I would start a YouTube channel or maybe a blog where you review products and then put your link in the description below I know some people who literally make thousands of dollars in Amazon affiliate commissions per video that they upload one guy that comes to mind right now is Shaun Cannell from think media TV he he posts a video and he'll make thousands of dollars per video that he makes just off of Amazon affiliate

commissions and just thing about guys if you posted something like this camera for example this camera was over $1000 that I'm filming with right now and if you posted a product review of the camera and say over the lifetime of that video then you get 10,000 views on that video and maybe 20 people buy the actual camera that you are promoting in your video which is pretty pretty easy to get 20 people to buy that out of 10,000 so and you would get about 50 in commissions per camera that you sold it's about a thousand dollars for a video that probably took you you know an hour or two tops to make that video and you can make a thousand dollars and get that one hour guys now I don't want to promise you that you're going to make affiliate Commission but killer affiliate Commission's on everything that you try to sell

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